Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mobile Phone Servers

Ok.. so now there is apparently a sudden realization in the community that, yes, you can run a server on a mobile phone.

Now, I am really sorry to rain on the parade here, but this is hardly a newsworthy item in itself. The fact that someone ported Apache is rather fun... but that is about it. And besides, the concept is hardly new: Symbian released on for their communicator servies sometime about 4(?) years ago.

I am, however, going to ignore the prior art and concentrate on what it might provide:

NO, NO, and NO.... sorry guys. Why would I possibly make a web server on my mobile, which may have internet outages due to lack of Wifi and GSM? How about just the boring old central web server, and lots of client ( e.g. your notebook, desktop and mobile phone) connecting to this. In terms of real time update, you can simply have the devices check every minute for updates and pull new information, or use a push approach which tries to contact the mobile devices/notebook/desktop whenever there is some new data.... this is not rocket science here guys.

I'll be honest - Blackberry has a better infrastruture that multiple web hosts.

Sorry to be so down on this hype.

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